Slade Sohmer, co-founder/editor-in-chief
As a self-proclaimed Internet Sherpa, I’ve been all around these Internets. Nobody — and I mean nobody — comes close to what Steve Conroy can offer in terms of ability, class and style when it comes to web design. With him it’s not simply about design; it’s about vision, it’s about seeing the whole dang chess board. I’ve been proud to work with Steve for years and even prouder to recommend him to everyone I know.
Slade Sohmer, co-founder/editor-in-chief
Scott Bernstein, Editor-In-Chief
Over the five years of my website’s existence, we’ve worked with a number of web designers. In most cases, we’ve had to explain what we needed over and over again so that the designer clearly understands our idea. The rare exception is Steve Conroy, who not only quickly implements what we’ve proposed, but builds on the original idea to make it better than we would’ve ever expected. Steve has a knack for understanding our vision from the get go and always seems to know the best and most cost-effective way to get it done.
Scott Bernstein, Editor-In-Chief Hiddentrack
David Greene

I recommend Cove Labs to anyone wishing to create or update their website!

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